About the Friends

The Friends of the Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby, a non-profit group, was formed in 1995 by residents in Kangaroo Valley but our membership has expanded to include people from throughout the Shoalhaven, Sydney, other states and overseas. We have a strong association with the National Parks and Wildlife Service (Office of Environment and Heritage) and Waterfall Springs Wildlife Sanctuary. We are an Incorporated group with the Department of Fair Trading and have over 100 members, our own Constitution and an Executive Committee. We are also a registered Bushcare group and have Tax-deductible donation status.

Our aim is to increase the numbers of rock-wallabies by reducing threats to its survival and to create a better environment for the species to breed. Our groups objectives are to:

We support the local National Parks and Wildlife Service fox control program and encourage others to do so. We foster important research and conduct education and community awareness. Many of the Friends participate in fox control on their properties as part of a network of bait stations throughout the Shoalhaven. We had direct input into the development of the NSW Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby Recovery Plan and continue to play a key role in the ‘Community Involvement’ Actions listed within the Plan. As the Plan states “The successful implementation of Recovery Actions relies on the participation of all sectors of the community”.

Our group has hosted numerous fundraising events and regularly participate in local community events. Funds raised by the Friends have been used to:

Our group have received a number of grants and awards for our work on Brush-tailed Rock-wallabies:

The Friends and the NPWS produce a regular newsletter with a circulation of 1100 in the Shoalhaven area.

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